Prospects in Theoretical Physics 2017

Particle Physics at the LHC and Beyond


Program Description

PiTP 2017 will take place from July 17 to July 28, 2017 and will cover  topics ranging from experimental results in particle physics to prospects for physics beyond the standard model. Titled "Particle Physics at the LHC and Beyond," it will be an intensive two-week program open to both advanced graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

Program topics: 

  • Theoretical physics beyond the standard model
  • The status of naturalness, and new approaches to fine-tuning problems
  • LHC Run II updates and projections
  • New table-top/low-energy probes of fundamental physics
  • High-intensity, low-energy collider experiements
  • CP violation and the strong CP problem
  • The next decade of dark matter
  • The next decade of CMB/large-scale structure
  • Future accelerators
  • Neutrino physics

Reading list: In a few days, a list of books will be posted here to be used as background material. Before applying for the program, please make sure you are prepared for it. Later on, closer to the date of the program, a list of papers suggested by the lecturers in preparation for individual lectures will be made available.