Walking To/From the Institute

Walking from Princeton University to the Institute

You can refer to the Walking Route Map when following these directions. 

It is about a 30-minute walk from Bloomberg dormitory to the Institute campus.

  1. Upon leaving the dorms, walk away from Washington Road, through Princeton's campus, crossing Elm Drive.
  2. Upon reaching University Place, follow University Place to where it meets Alexander Street at the circle.
  3. Turn right on Alexander, heading away from the train station.
  4. Turn left onto College Road. Continue along College Road until you meet a fork in the road.
  5. Take the right fork (do NOT take the left fork, which proceeds up a hill and ends at the Princeton University Graduate School Chapel).
  6. Follow the right fork of College Road until the road ends at Springdale Road.
  7. Turn left on Springdale and walk to the third street on the right - Ober Road.
  8. Turn and walk along Ober Road, crossing Olden Lane.
  9. As you cross Olden Lane the road name changes to Einstein Drive (which is a circular drive), and you are now entering the Institute property.
  10. As you walk along Einstein Drive, stay to the left at the forks in the road (passing turn offs on the right for Battle Road Circle and Maxwell Lane).
  11. Continue walking past the entrance to Parking Lot B, and you will come to Fuld Hall (the main building with the clock tower - see the IAS Campus Map). The PiTP Information Desk will be Bloomberg Hall 186.

Walking from the Institute to Princeton University

You should refer to the Walking Route Map when following these directions. 

It is about a 30-minute walk from Fuld Hall on the Institute campus to Bloomberg dormitory.

  1. As you exit the front of Fuld Hall on the Institute campus, turn left and walk along the circular drive (Einstein Drive), passing on your left the entrance for parking Lot B as well as the side streets named Maxwell Lane and Battle Road Circle.
  2. When you come to Olden Lane, keep walking across Olden Lane and the name of the road changes from Einstein Drive to Ober Road. Walk along Ober Road until it ends.
  3. Ober Road ends at Springdale Road. Turn left and walk uphill along Springdale Lane until you come to two stone pillars on your right, which mark the entrance to College Road.
  4. Turn right at the stone pillars and walk along College Road.
  5. When you come to a stop sign, turn left and continue walking on College Road until you come to Alexander Street.
  6. Turn right on Alexander and continue to the circle.
  7. Cross the circle onto University Place.
  8. Continue along University Place, turning right into Princeton's campus after you pass the construction.
  9. Continue across Princeton's campus, crossing Elm Drive, or following Goheen Walk, to return to the dorm.