From Qubits to Spacetime



Dates: JULY 16-27, 2018

Application deadline: March 1, 2018.  The application form is now available.

This will be an intensive two-week program open to both advanced graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. 


The goal of the school is to present the connections between quantum information and the structure of spacetime that have been the focus of much recent research.
How is quantum information shared between subsystems?
How is information manipulated by the dynamics?
How can quantum effects be included in black hole thermodynamics?
In a holographic theory, how is the bulk encoded in the boundary? 

Partial List of Lecturers

Ahmed Almheiri - Institute for Advanced Study

Atish Dabholkar - International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy

Thomas Faulkner - University of Illinois

Daniel Harlow - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Matthew Headrick - Brandeis University

Juan Maldacena - Institute for Advanced Study​

Leonard Susskind - Stanford University

Aron Wall - Stanford University

Edward Witten - Institute for Advanced Study


If you have questions regarding the PiTP program, please send an email to: